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Irmgard Kutsch

Natur Kindergarten

Children grow and develop while enjoying themselves actively engaged in purposeful activities.
It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to see how children can really come to find themselves and grow up into wholesome, creative beings.
The early years are of the utmost importance and it is for us, the grown ups, to give them our care and attention.
In Africa they have a saying, "It takes a village to bring up a child."
Irmgard Kutsch Childrens Nature Kindergartens
Irmgard Kutsch Childrens Nature Kindergarten author and practitioner
  See the Books:

Nature Kindergarten

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Rosy Eribé James

ERIBÉ Knitwear Design

ERIBÉ has come a long way since cutting out patterns on my living room floor, my principle source of income being child benefit.
Some may say I've been lucky and that may be true but, you know, it's actually quite a lot of hard work?
Rosy Erib&eacut; James CEO of ERIBÉ
Rosy Eribé James founder and CEO of ERIBÉ Knitwear Design

ERIBÉ Knitwear Design


John Picking grew up in wigan, Lancashire, and after studying at Edinburgh College of Art travelled to Spain where he developed his own unique painting style.
After many visits he decided to explore Italy. All the way down at the foot of this long country he found remarkable warmth and hospitability among the people of Millitello Rosmarino, for whom he painted a magnificent mural which adorns their town hall.
John Picking undiscovered artist
John Picking the English undiscovered artist who found his home in Italy

John Picking

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Titus Alexander has taken a fresh and innovative view of life since his teens. His career includes writing and producing a play about Aubrey Beardsley for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, setting up the Skills Exchange in Brighton and running the Self Esteem Network for many years in London. He became the director of the Novas Scarman Trust, latterly re-named People Can.

Titus Alexander poitical scientist
Titus Alexander, political scientist, author and organiser
About Titus

Inspiring Change


Charles Harris

Writing and filmmaking is my passion.
I helped set up Euroscript in 1995 together with friends and colleagues from the Screenwriters' Workshop.
Apart from an award winning film, seeing others make their dreams become a reality and helping them on their journey makes the hard work worth while - and fun, too.
Charles Harris Euroscript co-founder
Charles Harris screenwriter, director, tutor and Euroscript co-founder


Charles' Blog



Ron Holland

The solutions to your problems are to be found through SSS: Silence Stillness and Solitude.
Empty your mind for at least half an hour each day without even addressing your desires, goals or obstacles and let the great unconscious carry you effortlessly forward.
Ron Holland helps people achieve
Ron Holland: has he created more millionaires than the National Lottery?

Ron Holland Direct

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Flickering Shadow Designs

Grumpyman's Luckon Ink Tip

Grumpyman's Luck Feature Screenplay

Big Fat Slob - Chant Of The Tesekuzurian Hordes

Big Fat Slob

Future Views Magazine

Future Views Magazine

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A Box Of Frogs Sketches

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